Wild Mazzini turns into a chamber of wonder by exhibiting the artworks produced by some of the world's leading artists of data art: award-winning graphic and physical pieces mentioned in major international publications.
15 December 2019 - 15 March 2020

Produced by authors from the United States, Sweden, Italy, France, France, UK, Argentina, Hong Kong and Germany, the works – unique pieces or three-print runs – transfigure complex data and information linked to philosophical, political, economic and social themes, exploiting the strategies of design and the suggestions of art.

Over 30 pieces on show and on sale, made by Valentina D’Efilippo, Adolfo Arranz, Pedro Cruz, Federica Fragapane, Adriano Attus, Manolo Gaboa, Damiano Cerrone, Market Café Mag, Valerio Pellegrini, Delphine Papin, Max Hornaecker, Christina Bonanno, Davide J. Mancino, Madelene Wikskär and Roberto Ghezzi.