Dataglitches | Giovanni Magni
Dataglitches is a curatorial project showing "pure" mistakes generated during big data processing. The artworks explore the boundaries between representation and transfiguration of data, offering to the viewer shapes and images to lose themselves in order to find a meaning.

The error is part of us, as individuals and communities, but in the course of history its meaning has been transformed: from a synonym of sin and distance from God to an inevitable stage of scientific progress that opens, with each new choice, an unexpected path.

However, with the machines’ coming, man has begun to face a new family of errors that we could call “pure” because, at least for now, they are blameless. So it may happen that by observing the error of a computer we are fascinated by its expressive power, by the cold magic, which the human wanderer recognizes as an alternative perspective of beauty.

A fascination that led Giovanni Magni, information designer and Head of Data Visualization at Accurat, to investigate the limits of man/machine relationships, mistake/discovery, loss/recognition.

The sixteen boards in the exhibition have different sources: the result of cyclical processes activated to open up the complexity of the data and make them browsable and readable. Taken as a whole, the work relates to four macro families: radar charts – diagrams that allow multiple data to be represented simultaneously; matrixes – which represent the correlation between two indicators; value flows, geographical and spatial representations – such as those related to meteorological data.

Wild Mazzini launches with this solo the fifth exhibition season linked to the theme of Betrayals, continuing its journey to the roots of the contemporary world that appears increasingly rooted in data, as the pandemic we are currently living is showing us every day.

Giovanni Magni

Giovanni Magni is an information designer with a developer background; his job is design editorial and digital experiences that allow the reading and exploration of data.

He has worked with Italian and foreign companies such as IBM, Starbucks and the Triennale di Milano, as well as magazines such as Scientific American. Currently Head of Data Visualization of Accurat, a design studio founded in Milan in 2011 and based in New York, with which in recent years he has won several awards including the Kantar – IIB Awards and the Digital Design Days Awards.