A sixteen-month long night

January 2020

During the spring 2018, a few days before the opening of Wild Mazzini, the German artist Gunter Demnig placed the stumbling stone dedicated to Remo Obbermito exactly in front of number 33 Via Mazzini, where the gallery is based. This coincidence led us to go deeper into the story of Remo and the other people that the Stolpersteine of Turin testify. The idea of giving back visually what the Stones individually tell us was born in a short time.

Stolpersteine in Via Mazzini 33, Torino

“A sixteen-month long night” is a panorama lighted by the 114 Stumbling Stones that have become stars to watch so as not to lose your way, even in the darkest moments. Each Stone, raised from the ground, shows the name and sex of the person, the age at the time of arrest and the reason (mainly because he is Jewish or a political dissident), in some cases the family relationship.

So we asked to the visual designer Michela Lazzaroni to create a data visualization that, between art and design, would transfigure some key informations of each Stone. The artwork shows a slice of the history of the city, of a dark time in our history, but above all the life of those people, of whom only six survived the deportation.

La Stampa

Michela Lazzaroni

Graduated in Communication Design at the Politecnico di Milano, Michela Lazzaroni is freelance in data visualization, information design and editorial graphics. She collaborates with several publishing companies, universities and cultural projects. Her infographics are published in “La Lettura”, the cultural insert of Corriere della Sera.

Dataviz for La Stampa