Where When How many?
Group exhibition with artworks by Pedro M. Cruz, Delphine Papin, Max Hornaecker, Christina Bonanno and Niel Caja Rubio, Davide J. Mancino, Marco Hernandez, Madelene Wikskär
1 november 2018 - 6 january 2019

How many people do the exodus need?
How do we measure an individual’s identity?
After how many generations a family can be said to be integrated?
How many kilometres from home does a migrant feel like?
Where are the borders starting and ending?

Max Hornaecker – El Dorado

When talking about migration, the distinction between “common feeling” and reality often depends on little informations. However, if it’s impossible to count (and tell) all the stories that are on the borders, it is too much easy to confuse individual choices and global emergencies, ethnic groups and religions, landing places and desired destinations.

WHERE WHEN HOW MANY? a collective exhibition by Wild Mazzini, in collaboration with Matteo Moretti.


Delphine Papin (FR)
2018 | Map | Fine-art printing

Max Hornaecker (IT/DE)
2017 | Data physicalization | Glass capsules

Madelene Wikskär (S/US)
2015 | Map | Fine-art printing

Pedro M. Cruz (US)
2018 | Map | Fine-art printing

Christina Bonanno and Niel Caja Rubio (CA)
2013 | Map | Fine-art printing

Davide J. Mancino (IT)
2018 | Map | Fine-art printing

Marco Hernandez (CR/HK)
2018 | Map | Fine-art printing