A Story of a Shadows | Lisa Borgenheimer
Wild Mazzini hosts Lisa Borgenheimer's experimental project dedicated to the tradition of shadow theatre
6-10 february 2019

In collaboration with the 25th edition of the Festival Incanti, Wild Mazzini hosts Lisa Borgenheimer’s experimental project dedicated to the tradition of shadow theatre. The German designer has created a system of notation, integrating ancient signs and contemporary forms, to facilitate the combination of movements, sounds and characters, which are assigned to the actors.

Starting with a timeline organized by tiles, those who want to play with the shadows also have the opportunity, thanks to some QR codes, to take the figures from the background otherwise motionless.

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Lisa Borgenheimer – Performance. Torino. 2018

Lisa Borgenheimer

Researcher at the University of Bolzano, she specializes in information design and digital media and collaborates with publications such as Süddeutsche Zeitung and ZEIT Online. Lisa Borgenheimer’s main field of research is the methodology for designing information design through different media.