Numerage + Neometrie | Adriano Attus
Adriano Attus
Two projects and two contiguous stories where Attus strength perception and visual habits
10 may - 10 june 2018

Two projects, two different but parallel stories where Attus has balanced techniques and tools of visual design with the evocative and disorienting power of art. Here the observer’s perception is fought between known and unknown, familiar and mysterious.

With the Numerage series, from numbers cut from newspapers around the world, Attus creates collages that attract and confuse the viewer, playing with our confidence in the objectiveness of numbers. They are all there, in a delimited and reassuring space, they seem not to be able to escape from our control, however to find the next is an undertaking.
In the composition many rules of visual perception are forced and the viewer needs time and attention to follow the orderly sequence. The shape is aesthetically pleasing but the message is overloaded in the presentation: the numbers, manipulated, lie. The focus is lost, the reader disoriented, the truth hidden.

In the Neometrie series the numbers have changed shape: they have become multiples, sequences. The single tiles formed by basic geometric elements are recomposed into innumerable permutations and the eye, again, searches for unity, the synthesis that seems close but always escapes.
Here it is a matter of letting oneself fall towards the black that appears in the kaleidoscope of colors or running around the geometries without hurting oneself between the edges.
Memories of African or South American cultures, of financial graphs, mosaics or azulejo: the meeting point between us, others and the artist is halfway between personal and universal references.

Adriano Attus

Born in Sanremo and based in Milano, for more than twenty years Adriano Attus has brought his talent to the most important Italian publishing companies.
He illustrated and produced covers for the magazines How To Spend It, Domenica, Moda24, Plus24, Panorama, Il Mondo, Technopolis, La Vita Nòva. Formerly Art Director for Panorama Economy, he is currently Creative Director of Sole 24 Ore.

Attus at Wild Mazzini

Attus has received several national awards and worked for brands such as Eni, Enel, BMW, Bloomberg.
He also brings his experience within the world of research: at IMT Istituto Alti Studi in Lucca and the Master in Journalism IULM in Milan. He is consultant for the image of the Archdiocese of Milan.