«La Lettura» 2015-2018 | Federica Fragapane
Wild Mazzini - Federica Fragapane - 2018. Mostra: Selezione
Twenty charts, four years of work and thousands of different data for the cultural issue of Il Corriere della Sera
14 june - 9 july 2018

Buying a newspaper or reading it at the bar was, and for some still is, a ritual that leads to reality. Before the internet, television and radio, the newspapers represented the meeting place of the communities, a starting point to acquire information, perhaps skills, and then discuss and compare with others.

WILD MAZZINI - Federica Fragapane 2018

Now this process is fragmented and multiplied into dozens of communicative contexts that modify the dimensions and features of a news item. Just think of the all-news channels, the websites or the endless possibilities of sharing a post through social networks.


In this context, La Lettura de il Corriere della Sera challenged designers and the public: presenting and reading the most various and complex events, themes, paths and characters on a newspaper page. Among these people there is Federica Fragapane who since 2015 has created over thirty plates and has selected twenty for Wild Mazzini.

WILD MAZZINI - Federica Fragapane 2018

Artists, poets and thinkers, languages, drugs, sports, the real world and the fantasy world. Fragapane has given shape to a heterogeneous panorama of which the reader can recognize the traits, shapes and colours: recurrent elements that make even the most difficult themes confidential.
Without losing anything of the dense network of relationships that unfold between maps and diagrams, in these works the eye of the observer is called to pass from the particular to the general, letting himself be touched by sensations before information.

Federica Fragapane

Award-winning visual and information designer, Federica Fragapane is specialized in data visualization and collaborates with organizations, magazines and companies in Italy and abroad. She has created visualizations for the United Nations Environment Programme, Wired and Il Corriere della Sera in the analysis of cultural, environmental and social issues for the cultural supplement La Lettura.

Wild Mazzini – Federica Fragapane – 2018

She is co-author of Planet Earth, a children’s book published by National Geographic Kids and White Star in which she combined data visualization and illustrations. She is also the author of The Stories Behind a Line, a visual narrative of the journeys of six asylum seekers who arrived in Italy in 2016.

Her projects were awarded at the Core77 Design Awards 2017, Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2017 and 2014, European Design Awards 2017 and ADI Design Index 2015.