Minerva | Valerio Pellegrini
The exploration of the philosophical corpus of Immanuel Kant
12 july - 5 august 2018

Minerva is the result of the collaboration between different academic and professional realities, such as the designers of the Density Design Lab of the Politecnico di Milano, the computer scientists of the University of Duisburg-Essen and a team of historians of the philosophy of the University of Milan.

Minerva was designed as a digital tool to support research in the field of philosophical historiography and allows researchers to investigate the corpus of Immanuel Kant, the only philosopher who enjoys a complete digitalization of his work. Its strength can be summarized in two fundamental components. The first is the ability to represent the whole evolution of the Kantian lexicon, making the frequency of the terms and their mutual hierarchy evident; the second is the possibility to work directly on the text by accessing different levels of reading, searching for the lemmas of interest and editing notes dynamically related to the structured text.

The series of tables Minerva represents the intermediate phase of the project, in which the hidden structures of the philosopher’s thought were explored and displayed for the first time: the connections between the works and the words, and the appearance, disappearance and evolution of the most used lemmas by Kant during the years of his production.

Valerio Pellegrini

He’s a communication designer based in Milan. Specifically, he deals with data visualization, graphic design, illustration and editorial design. He works with Italian and international titles such as BBC, Wired (UK, US, DE, ITA), Popular Science, Corriere della Sera, GQ, BOAT Magazine, Foreign Policy, and with research laboratories, agencies and companies in Italy, US, China, U.K. And the Netherlands.

Valerio Pellegrini

He graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico of Milan with its research laboratory Density Design presenting Minerva, a tool to visualize the ratio between works and words in the entire work of Immanuel Kant His works have been exhibited at the Triennale di Milano in the exhibition AFRICA – Big Change / Big Chance; and at the exhibition Le Mappe del sapere, at Magazzino delle Idee in Trieste for the exhibition Maria Teresa e Trieste, at Los Angeles Center for Digital Arts in the exhibition TOP 40 – International Juried Competition, at Kunsthalle Museum in Zurich in the exhibition They Printed It! and at BBS-pro space in Prato in the exhibition Identit√†17.
His works have been included in books published by Taschen, Gestalten, Rizzoli, Oxford Press.

He twice won the Kantar Award – Information Is Beautiful Awards – Celebrating Excellence in Data Visualization and Information Design as Infographic – Gold in 2016 and Best Individual Contribution in 2013, and two Malofiej Awards with Corriere della Sera (2015) and DensityDesign (2012).