Augmented Humanity
Contemporary identities between data and representation.
7 june - 20 september 2019
Circolo del Design, Torino

Drones and smart glass, the Chinese government’s recently proposed social credit system, self-tracking technologies such as Fitbit, WikiLeaks and the global consequences it has brought about: the great amounts of information we currently dispose of on mankind, big and small data alike, allow us to trace the outlines of our humanity like never before on an individual and collective scale, leading us into an era of enhanced, augmented humanity.

Valentina D’Efilippo (UK) – MeToomentum

However, this multitude of data also blurs our identity, providing numerous possibilities for design and allowing for new interpretations. In fact, when data representation revolves around mankind, its condition and the products of its actions, a fracture is often generated between how we perceive ourselves and what the data itself reveals.

In these times of Augmented Humanity, where continuous evolution sees individuals approaching machine-like perfection, humanity itself is obscured. We are a variable that intensifies as our representation becomes more precise and complex.

Giorgia Lupi (US) e Stefanie Posavec (UK) – Dear Data

Therefore, as the technologies we develop take our every action into account, we strive to recognize ourselves and imagine our future.

The exhibition revolves around the “broken figures” of contemporary man and woman, their iconography, data visualization, data art and sonification through time. But also, their desires and relationships, alongside violence, sexuality, and physicality.

Peter Ørntoft (DK) – Infographics in context

Artworks by Adolfo Arranz per SCMP (HK), Valentina D’Efilippo (UK), DensityDesign Lab (IT), Daniel Eatock (UK), Mario Klingemann (DE), Paweł Marcinkowski (PL), Sara Lenzi (IT), Peter Ørntoft (DK), Giorgia Lupi (US) and Stefanie Posavec (UK), Suzanne Treister (UK).

Within this kaleidoscope, the exhibition offers visitors the chance to contribute to the research of humankind by consulting the Oracle, an interactive installation, that both analog and unfiltered helps us gain perspective on our condition.

Paweł Marcinkowski (PL) – Tattoo infographic

I’m in love with six hundred and forty-one other voices but this doesn’t affect my love for you which
is unique.
Her, Spike Jonze, 2013


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