Naturografie | Roberto Ghezzi
From the source of the data
30 may - 6 july 2019

The water is the element which is mostly able to connect science, spirituality and art.

For this reason Roberto Ghezzi’s work is essential and crazy, it’s a combination to the method and the vision of cathartic ritual of the immersion. At the same time, his project is able to take back to the origin of human race and the Earth and heralds own inexorable faith as destroyers.

The Naturografie are the result of sedimentation of debris that stratify on the canvas when it has been immersed in seas, rivers, lakes, rice fields and springs. The outcome of this work on the fabrics’ area are pictures that the artist fixed in time and the paintings don’t declaim but they testify. No lyricism, no creative impulse: a portion of physic world, dirty and alive, the Earth’s fluid taken by sweetness.


Wild Mazzini finds in the Ghezzi’s work the continuity with the theme – Ex Machina – of the expositive season characterized by solutions between art and design that are able to show us beyond datas (in this case, biologic dataset) towards a comprehension more general of the reality. The Naturografie display us, with clarity, what we know, but we foolishly neglect about the world where we live: we are guests.

The exposition is increase with the auditory installation self-generating called The Quietest Voice by Riccardo Tesorini. The installation is created to interact with the Naturografie and it’s based on the system of rewriting taken by the formalization of the plants’ growth. (L-system) According to this system, the algorithm activates autonomously the “voices” of the composition. The sonore result is organized by sound exciters that don’t produce the sound through the air, like the normal speaker, but they avail of a surface that resonates. The surface produces a site-specific sound that responses to the encouragement of the artist: to grow up or die own music matching the place where there is the installation.

Wild Mazzini - Roberto Ghezzi - 2019. Naturografie. Torino
Wild Mazzini – Roberto Ghezzi – 2019. Naturografie. Torino

Roberto Ghezzi

He was born in Cortona and he grew up in the sculpture’s studio of his grand-father. It is famous for his artistic research closely with wilderness.

Roberto Ghezzi installed his first naturografia in the 2000. Today the naturografie are in Italy, Alaska, France, Switzerland, Iceland, South Africa, Tunisia and Lofoten Islands in Norway.

Riccardo Tesorini

He lives and works in Perugia. His projects moves in many directions: from soundtracks to sound design, from the musician’s activity – with his electroacoustic Eezu project – to realization of sound installations and sound art.

He always fascinated by the union of music and pictures. He starts his artistic career in this direction; his research is influenced by the introspective vision and tireless inspiration towards the nature, as prerequisite for the harmony.