A passo d’uomo | Carlo D’Oria
Carlo D'Oria has given life to one of the trips described by Fragapane in A Stories behind a line
From 14 december 2018

In 2016 the designer Federica Fragapane started working on the personal data project The Stories Behind a Line, which presents in a visual and digital key the journey to Italy of six asylum seekers, welcomed in the CAS Migrantes center in Vercelli.

In this way the author has given shape to these complex human experiences, collected through a series of individual interviews, which become a privileged point of view to understand the global theme of migration.

On the basis of this project, Wild Mazzini asked the artist Carlo D’Oria to embody one of the trips described by Fragapane. The result is “A passo d’uomo”, a metal sculpture that proportionally recreates the shape and length of the journey of one of the protagonists from Abidjan, in the Ivory Coast, to Vercelli.

Around it, two little men, a distinctive feature of the D’Oria’s artistic work and, in this case, a potential metaphor both for the observers of the work and for other migrants met during the journey, directed towards other destinations and loaded with other stories.