A passo d’uomo | Carlo D’Oria
Carlo D'Oria interprets one of the trips described by Federica Fragapane in The Stories Behind a Line.
From 14 december 2018

In 2016 the designer Federica Fragapane started working on her personal data project The Stories Behind a Line, which presents the journey of six asylum seekers to Italy, hosted by the CAS Migrantes center in Vercelli, in a visual and digital key.

For this project the artist collected a series of interviews and traced these complex human experiences, which then give us a privileged perspective on the global phenomenon of migration.

Taking this project as a starting point, Wild Mazzini asked the artist Carlo D’Oria to interpret one of the trips described by Fragapane. The result is A Passo d’Uomo, a metal sculpture that recreates the path and length of the journey of a migrant from Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast, to Vercelli.

In the work two figures, who are a distinctive feature of D’Oria’s work, act as a potential metaphor for both the observers of the work and for the migrants on their journey. They push on towards their destination with their load of stories.