OddityViz - Texture by Valentina D'Efilippo and Miriam Quick


In the third record of the series, the authors chronicle which voices or instruments can be heard in each bar of the song. A symbol means the vocal part is singing or instrument is playing in that bar; no symbol means it’s silent.

Three vocal parts tell the story of Space Oddity – a main vocal and two backing vocals – accompanied by seven instruments and a string section. the rhythm section – bass, drums and Bowie’s 12-string guitar – play in almost every bar and provide the song’s skeleton. Paul Buckmaster’s string section plays for the first time during the tense liftoff section, then adds a kind of introspective spaciousness to Major Tom’s rather sad chorus (‘For here am I sitting in a tin can / Far above the world’) and to the guitar solo.

The strings become increasingly chaotic in the outro, where the players start sliding up and down the fingerboard. These slides are shown by continuous lines on our record. Space Oddity features several other unusual instruments. Now-vintage analogue synthesisers give the track a 1960s touch: a cranky old Mellotron huffs into life, paired with an out-of-tune Stylophone. The lead guitar adds singular observations before performing its obligatory solo. There’s also a flowery part for two flutes.


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The core of the project OddityViz by Velentina D’Efilippo e Miriam Quick is a series of 10 specially engraved records. Each 12-inch disc deconstructs the track in a different way: melodies, harmonies, lyrics, structure, story and other aspects of the music and lyrics are transformed into new visual systems. OddityViz awarded at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards.

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