OddityViz - Rhythm by Valentina D'Efilippo and Miriam Quick


The fourth record in the series deconstructs the bass guitar and drum parts of Space Oddity. These instruments, together with the rhythm guitar, make up the rhythm section in a band.

The bass and drum parts were recorded together onto master track (available on the Space Oddity 40th Anniversary EP), which is well worth listening to by itself. The virtuosic performances featured within – from bass player Herbie Flowers and drummer Terry Cox – are easy to overlook when listening to the finished track, but once you hear them you realise they have a huge impact on the song’s overall sound. This record visualises every bass note and drum hit played by these excellent musicians in Space Oddity.

The data for this record took the longest to gather out of all the records. By the the designers reckoning, there are 528 individual bass picks in the song and 943 drum hits – counting instances where two drums are struck simultaneously as one hit.


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The core of the project OddityViz by Velentina D’Efilippo e Miriam Quick is a series of 10 specially engraved records. Each 12-inch disc deconstructs the track in a different way: melodies, harmonies, lyrics, structure, story and other aspects of the music and lyrics are transformed into new visual systems. OddityViz awarded at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards.

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