THE FIRST data art gallery

Wild Mazzini is an art gallery founded by Clemente Adami, Federica Biasio and Davide Fuschi in Turin in 2018, with the aim of promoting artists who use information design to create works of art that combine complexity and creativity.

Wild Mazzini opening 2018


The gallery develops solo, group or thematic exhibitions in collaboration with emerging and acclaimed artists, respecting their approach and supporting them in the creation of projects that investigate new perspectives.

By moving these works out of publishing, science, and journalism and into the gallery, Wild Mazzini invites the viewer to rethink them as snapshots capable of representing movement and boundaries, and as relationships based on information and processes.

Wild Mazzini listens to its clients in order to understand their passions and feelings, proposing works that allow them to broaden their horizons and appreciate the different approaches and narratives of contemporary artists and designers.

The gallery also provides consulting services to companies and creates site-specific projects on commission.

Clemente Adami

Gallery manager

Federica Biasio

Press office & PR

Davide Fuschi



As an independent cultural hub we develop projects and exhibitions in collaboration with other players from the spheres of art, design, research and training.